Kicked Out!

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As of lately, I have been frequenting my favorite spot now for a few weekends in a row.  I seem drawn here possibly  because of the past finds in this location and what I do know of it geologically.  This area was an ancient rainforest at one time believe it or not. Of course this would have been around 300 million years ago.

While scouting about innocently, I was approached by a lady wearing a very general looking uniform and she clearly was wearing  some type of ear piece communication device.  She asked me what I was doing in the area and I told her.  I saw nothing too unusual about this as at first thought believed she was part of the IDNR (Illinois Department of Natural Resources).  She began to further question me in an odd way, inquiring about my tools and what I had found.  Noting her insignia on her uniform I realized she was with some other type of agency or group, of which I was not familiar.  Most importantly was the up till now concealed from my eyes a MACHINE GUN slung on a shoulder type holster!  I knew this woman meant business.  She stated she realized this was public land but due to (garbled speech?) she asked me to clear out.  Seeing no other realistic option, that is what I did.  She walked me all the way to the car, and I left.  WHAT IS GOING ON?

I called the IDNR a few times and tried to find out, but only got either a recorded voicemail or kept getting transferred.  I will visit the site again soon and see what happens.


Recent Trip…

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Well, as I posted, I went to Mazonia last saturday to do a little searching.  Only found a few agates and a small fern-like fossil on this trip.  This place seems to be getting depleted of any finds.  I have also read around a bit on the web that others are having the same type of experiences there.  I did find an area on the southern part that was corded off-limits to the public.  I have never seen this before and could have sworn I have hunted in that area a few years ago.  I think I will check this area out a bit soon.

Just as an update, I have a corresponding Twitter site that I have linked to this blog so I can update on the go with my cell phone.  Yea, I am still getting the hang of all this.

More pics coming soon!


On the Rail Tracks

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Oh man, check out this ancient relic I found! LOL!

Nearby in Indiana is some old, unused railways that are a secret favorite of mine for searching for .  Yes, generally what you are looking at is rough crushed granite, one can find some pretty cool looking finds here, and not always rocks!  Old rail road supplies, relics and all manner of interesting trash has been found.  Just remember that in general this is private property and items on this do belong to the railroad….so just be aware.  Hey, I am not gonna be one of those guys who will write a disclaimer on everything I write or do!

Here is a few pictures of me out on the tracks with some interesting rocks.

Favorite Site Visit

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One of my favorite sites to lurk around and collect is the Mazonia-Braidwood State Fish and Wildlife area about 40 miles or so south of the city of Chicago.  This is one of the closest areas open to fossil/rock collecting and that is probably why it is a favorite.  This area is prime for Pennsylvanian age fossils including plants and animals.  My luck has been fair to midland in this area, and some say this area does not produce as much as in past.  I will be preparing a few pics of some of my finds soon, and also a layout of what I like to bring with me tool/equipment wise.

Speaking of The Pennsylvanian time frame,  I included one of my favorite pictures of a geological time spiral in this post.  I think its a cool visual of the time elapsed on earth and how it has been subdivided and named.

Welcome to the past….

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     Hello Readers and welcome to my personal hobby and amateur research site dedicated to the collecting of rocks, gems and fossils.  In this blog I hope to record and share my hunts and finds as a rockhound.  Through the use of stories, pictures and more I hope to preserve for some short time (when compared to my intended quarry) my finds and trips.

     Working as an electrician in the city of Chicago, many years ago I have found I really wanted time away from the big tuna can of city life and needed to explore.  Taking my childhood interest in geology formed during my Boy Scout years, I began to get back into collecting and rocking in my late 20’s.  That merit badge came in handy.  So enough about me, let the blog begin.

my two guys out rockhounding with me!